Make your roof, a revenue generating roof!

Now Pay only Rs 3/Unit for Electricity for your factory

Solar Rooftops have now become the smart solution to generating a revenue from unused roof space, with falling prices of installation and a 100% generation assurance from Stellar Grid, begin saving today.

We have a solution for every size of industry


Solar is for Everyone

Generate your own electricity, at every scale

Whether you consider it for your home, your industry, your hotel or your hospital, we build solutions specific to your requirement.

Our collective experience over various industries ensures we give you everything thats tried and tested.


Why you should be going Solar Today

With Stellar Grid


3 Year ROI

That's 22 years of cost-free electricity, a solid average return of 45%, far higher than any other forms of investment today


Bank Financeable

Pay only 20% of the project cost and the rest out of your monthly savings, not of your your pockets



Solar power systems can be integrated, retroffitted and even be used instead of glass for blending into your space


100% Generation Guarantee

With a strong engineering expertise in this field, Stellar Grid gives a 100% assurance of electricity generation or the gap is paid for


Engineered to Last

We build systems that are hassle free, maintenance free and robust to combat every climatic disaster.


Online Monitored

Whether you're at the factory or on holiday, the system will report its performance and your savings every single day


The Stellar Grid Edge

Being Experts in the field, we deliver the best performing plants

With a strong foundation of engineering and design, we have worked with large project developers and delivered the best performing plants

Working with the best components in the the industry combined with our experience, we give our customer guarantee on electricity generation, hence securing 100% savings.


Engineering Expertise

We build well engineered Solar Plants that perform and last longer than our promise to you.


After Sales Service

Quality installations with regular preventive maintanence make our plant's down time minimum.



We cater to every industry and customer profile, building custom solutions for every specific need.


Turnkey Solutions

We survey, design, build and maintain power plants across the nation, under one roof.

Case Studies

Across Various Industries

Solar Solutions We Offer

For Every Need

Small & Medium Scale Industry

  • Purchase the Solar Plant
  • Reduce energy costs by more than 50%
  • Guaranteed electricity generation contract
  • Simply pay EMI out of your savings
  • Suitable for Small and medium Scale Industries, schools and commercial setups

Corporate and Public Listed

  • Zero investment Mode
  • Pay as you use power purchase agreement
  • Save 25%-30% on your current energy costs
  • Own the plant after 15 years
  • Suitable for BBB+ Rated firms

Heavy Energy Industries

  • Use Solar Power through grid open access setup
  • Unrestricted capacity of Solar power supply
  • Power Watts-PMAX
  • Output Tolerance-PMAX
  • Suitable for highly energy intensive industries like Steel

Stellar Grid is a brand registered under Kartikeya Enertech Pvt Ltd and aims to provide Solar Power Solutions for Homes, Commercial spaces and Industry.

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